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Meta Tag Generator for Blogger Posts and Websites

Meta Tag Generator for Blogger Posts or Website/Blog

This Meta tag generator helps you to add meta tags keywords to individual blogger posts or Websites.

Meta Tags plays major role in SEO optimization. To make your blogger post at the top of the search engine results, one of the techniques is adding meta tags keywords to your blogger post.

This Meta Tag Generator for Blogger Posts or Website/blog solves all queries like how to add meta tags to individual blogger posts, how to add meta tags in blogger, blogger meta tag, how to add meta tags,how to add meta tags to blogger and blogger post, SEO for blogger, how to add meta keywords in blogger post, meta description keywords in blogger, meta tag generator tool for blogger, blogger meta tag description generator, how to add meta tags to blogger and blogger post, how put meta keywords in each blogger post, meta tags SEO,meta keywords, how to add meta tags for each post in blogger.

Meta Tag Generator for Blogger Posts or Website helps you to add meta tags to Your Website, Blogger and Blogger Posts.

Adding Meta Description to your blogger post is not necessary but adding meta keywords to your blogger is necessary to get good search engine rankings. While creating a post in blogger, there is a text field called search description. If you use a search description while creating a post, you do not need to add a meta description for your blogger post because that search description is converted into a meta description tag. But there is no option to add meta keywords. Below Meta Tag Generator Helps you to add meta keywords to your blogger post, the meta description is optional.

Using this Meta Tag Generator for blogger post, you can generate meta keywords and meta description tags for your blogger post. The meta description is optional that is up to you. But it is better not adding meta description because if you add meta description, For your blogger post there is already meta description which is generated from search description field, If you add meta description again there will be two meta description tags which confuses search engines.

Meta tag generator for Blogger Posts and Website

Blog Post URL:
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Steps to add meta tags to your blogger post

  1. Click on Meta Tags Code for Blogger Posts Tab in the above Meta Tag Generator.
  2. Enter the fields like Your blogger post URL, Post Description(Optional), Post Keywords separated by comma(,)
  3. If you want to add keywords to more blogger posts, click on Add keywords for more Posts of the same Blog and enter the details.
  4. Click on Generate Meta Tags.
  5. Copy the generated code.
  6. Go to your blogger dashboard.
  7. Click on Theme from the Left sidebar.
  8. Then click on Edit HTML
  9. In the editor, search for name='all-head-content'/>
  10. Paste the generated code below the name='all-head-content'/>
  11. Click on Save Theme.
  12. The generated meta tags will be added to your blogger post.



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