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Mock Test Template Type D Version 1

Mock Test Template Type D Version 1

It has a different theme and functionality to HTML Quiz Generator and its versions. Features added in this version are
  1. Mock test template.
  2. Set points for correct answers.
  3. Set negative points for incorrect answers.
HTML Quiz Generator Versions
Type A: version 1, version 2, version 3, version 4 (Pro Only), version 5 (Pro Only)
Type B: version 1, version 2 (Pro Only)
Type C: version 1 (Pro Only), version 2 (Pro Only)
Type D (Mock Test Template): version 1 (Pro Only), version 2 (Pro Only)
Type E: version 1 (Pro Only)

Click Here to see version wise features and price.

HTML Mock Test Template Maker Type D version 1 Pro

Points for Correct Answer
Negative Points ---
Add Option
Expain Answer(Optional): It will be displayed when the answers are revealed.
Add Question

Live Quiz View:

Correct Answer
Points: {{correctPoints}}
Wrong Answer
Points: -{{negativePoints}}
Not Attempted
Points: 0
Explanation: {{q.explanation}}
Total Questions:{{data.length}}
Not Attempted:{{notAttempted}}
Correct Answers:{{correctAnswers}}
Incorrect Answers:{{inCorrectAnswers}}
Your Score:{{score}}

Copy the generated code and use it in your web application or blogger post.

Steps to add quiz in your blogger post:
  1. Copy the generated code.
  2. Goto blogger dashboard.
  3. Goto post html editor.
  4. If you have already content in html editor, paste the copied code at the end of the content.

Please give your suggestions in the below comment box to improve HTML Quiz Generator.


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  2. Is it possible to add Timer in Template D...
    I want to buy Template D...
    And please tell me how many tests I can create for 30 Days subscription. Thanks.

    1. There is no limit. You can create as many quizzes as you can

  3. please share cost for d template key


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